Celebrating 26 years of existence at Liwa, Zambales

Celebrating 26 years of existence at Liwa, Zambales

January 2016


I used to celebrate my birthday at home with my family and friends but this year was different. I promised myself to make new adventures for 2016 and it started here.

It was already midnight as my boyfriend arrived home. We planned this trip together with my best friend. We started to hit the road at almost 3 in the morning and reached our destination at 5 am. Yup, just in time to watch out for the sunrise. Liwa is located at San Felipe Zambales. It’s 4 hours drive from Manila but since we are just from Pampanga we had a shorter time of travel getting there.

liwa 1If you are looking for a good spot to skim and surf without traveling for ages, and on a low budget, Liwa is the place to be.  The beach is peaceful, quiet and not crowded. Just what we needed after a week of stress in the city.

We just spent the day by the beach. I just sat there, read my new book and watched my my boyfriend as he enjoyed skimming.






Staying at Liwa is very comfortable, the people there are very accommodating. You can rent a room, camp or just hang on your hammock on a shaded tree. There is a budget friendly eatery right outside the resort where we had our lunch and had cool drinks. We went to the market that afternoon to buy our dinner and we decided to have grilled pork belly. We actually bought too much so we had more for the next day’s breakfast. 🙂




My favorite part of every beach trip is watching the sunset. We just sat there with our cold beers, enjoyed the view and waited for the sun to collapse on the sea.




The beach, the sunset, with my travel buddy and my best friend.. Ahhhh.. It’s the best birthday ever. I really had fun and I will definitely come back here. Cheers for the great 26 years of existence!!!




Photos by Kenn and I 🙂



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