Boho days in Bohol

Boho days in Bohol

I was surfing the internet one night, checking out the accommodations in Bohol, searching for the best place to go for the weekend, this photo caught my attention – hammocks, nipa huts, swimming pool, one-minute walk to the beach, but I wanted to see more so I did further research and luckily I found a promo in Agoda, for only 890 pesos with free breakfast, A-HA! This is the place to be for our weekend getaway!

If you are in a tight budget and looking for a place to have peace and calmness, Natura Vista is the place to be, located in Dauis, Bohol, 15 minutes away form Tagbilaran City. I really liked this place because of their nature-friendly concept.  They offer bed and breakfast, tours and transfers. 


I felt like we were in Bali, maybe because of the decors and the ambiance.

We’ve missed each other a lot, you see, I have been assigned to work here in Bohol and this is the first time we’ve been apart for months and it was great to finally see each other and we were able to spend his birthday together.

I love this shot, It’s  the happiest moment I’ve ever felt. 


We rented our own motorbike, as usual, our favorite vehicle for exploring the beauty of nature. Kenn and I have seen the countryside tour of Bohol before so we didn’t bother seeing it again since we don’t have enough time. For this trip, our agenda is – Falls hunting!


Waterfalls Hunting 

Bohol is not only known for its Chocolate hills and Tarsiers, as we did research, there are many falls here and again, we didn’t have enough time to see much so we were only able to visit two.

Ingkumhan Falls

From Dauis, Dimiao is the nearest town with falls, about an hour trip as per google maps. From the highway Ingkumhan falls is the nearest one according to the signs, as we reach the drop off, we parked our bike and started walking down the pathway which took about 10 minutes.

The wait is finally over, both of us went WOW! This falls is genuinely beautiful, I swear, this is the most amazing falls I have ever seen. The clear and fresh aqua blue water and the innate beauty of the forest stood out the wonder of this place. It has been my favorite since the day I saw it.

One more thing, we owned it for a day!

We are the only humans when we visited here. The perfect time to take a snap.

That moment when you think you’re a Mermaid 😂 and the perks of having an amazing artist boyfriend    


Pahangog Falls

The second one that we visited was deserted as well, it’s our lucky day! Pahangog falls is about 15 minutes away from Ingkumhan falls and the road going there was a struggle, yes it was real. We were giggling all the way up because the motorbike we rented was a mess because of the muddy road we traveled. We thought that maybe we should walk but naaaaah we can do this baby! And so we did, we were able to reach the jump off.     

Adam and Eve #wheninbohol

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Pahangog falls is also beautiful but I like the first one better.  There are other falls in this area, maybe we will just go back and visit them next time.



 Just Chillin like a villain at Momo Beach House

This trip won’t be complete without visiting the best place to just chill by the beach, at Momo Beach house. It is located at the island of Panglao, unlike the famous Alona beach, the ambiance here is very serene, the perfect place to relax and unwind. Momo Beach house is offering Bed and breakfast, tours and transfers. If you stay here you have an unlimited use of the kayak and stand up paddle. You read it right UNLIMITED. For walk-in guests, there’s nothing to worry about, Momo Beach house offers Dip and Dine, for only 500 pesos (400 consumable food and beverages) you can use the pool enjoy the beach , the use of SUP and kayaks is also included but only for a limited time.

Momo Beach house’s Beach tree Cafe offers variety of local dishes, grilled, snacks, desserts and shakes. They also offer afternoon delights – detox water with banana or kamote chips daily, and it’s for free!

birthday breakfast 👌🌞⛱🏝

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They also have variety of choices for breakfast whether you like it the American way or Filipino way. Boodle fight lunches for groups of 15 -20 pax is also one thing to “must experience” here but make sure to book ahead of time. Want to know more? They also offer pizza and lemonade in the afternoon from 4pm to 7pm at the snack shack, romantic dinners, bonfire nights by the beach and more.


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speechless 😶💕

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Momo Beach’s water is crystal clear, this is a good spot for snorkeling and diving as it has a very nice breed of fishes and corals underneath.

No waves, no problem! – Kenn


For bookings and inquiries at Momo Beach House, you can visit their website: 


Contact number: 09159889932/09498972903

Want to see more? Check out Kenn’s awesome video of our trip in Bohol! Don’t forget to watch it in HD 🙂

Hope you enjoyed our Boho days in Bohol, til we meet again on our next best stories!




We are made of water — Not designed to hold ourselves together but rather to run freely like the cold water falls, constantly in motion 🌊🐚🌎



Photos by Kenn and I <3

Video by Kenn <3






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